Why Choose a Freelance Graphic Designer?

By Robert Baittie

Many businesses looking for great graphic design tend to be a bit wary of freelancers, but there are many benefits to hiring one. The first benefit that comes to mind for business owners, especially small business owners, is cost. You can expect to pay much less when hiring an individual graphic designer than when contracting with an agency. Freelancers tend to charge less because they do not need to pay entire teams–they are the brains and body of their own “agency.”

Another benefit to hiring a freelance graphic designer is that you can choose the specialty of the individual artist. You may be impressed by someone’s technical abilities, but great freelance designers have a signature “look” which may be the perfect fit for your business.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a freelance designer is the quality and depth of the client-contractor relationship. Unlike a large team at an agency that tends to scatter or delegate tasks, an individual freelancer can work much more closely with your business, giving you more custom results.

About Robert Baittie:
The winner of the TED Award for Trade Show Graphic Installation Design, Robert Baittie has been a successful freelance graphic designer for more than 26 years, with a repertoire that includes projects with the Xerox Corporation, First Nations Bank, and the Y-Me Breast Cancer Association.

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