With more than two decades of experience in graphic design, Robert Baittie manages his own firm, Bob Baittie Design, Inc., located in the Chicago area. The firm offers clients consistent quality, exceptional service, quick turnaround time, and affordable prices when working on projects within the realms of website development, print design, and multimedia design. Robert Baittie and his colleagues pride themselves on creating clean, effective, and modern designs customized to fit the needs of clients. The firm accommodates the schedules, desires, and budgets of clients to create a product that fulfills each client’s unique goals.

When beginning a new project, Robert Baittie follows a five-step process: listen, plan, conceptualize, get approval, and deliver. Through this process, the firm and clients work together to ensure that the project is on the right track. During the first step, Baittie discusses the project with the clients and listens carefully to their specifications. Next he outlines a plan for the length of time and a budget for the project. After client approval, Baittie then offers design concepts that match the requests of the clients. Finally, the firm delivers the completed project on time and in the right format. Throughout the whole process, the client is granted final approval on each step of the project, giving the client total control over the course of the design work.

Prior to launching his own firm, Robert Baittie studied graphic design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earning a Bachelor of Arts. He also served as a Senior Designer and Art Director at Mindscape, Inc., a computer software developer. During his time with Bob Baittie Design, Robert Baittie has served a wide range of clients, including NEC Corporation, Fleishman-Hillard, and First Nations Bank.


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